First Public Investigation of the year! Tickets now on sale!!

We are excited to announce we will be returning to the Magnolia Hotel in Seguin, TX for our first public paranormal investigation of the year! Join us on the night of March 2nd, 2019 for your chance to investigate one of Texas’ most haunted locations with Strange Town. We will have our gear available to use, but you are welcome to bring gear of your own if you like. Act now, tickets sell FAST! Saturday, March 2nd, 2019 tickets can be purchased here: Doors Open: 7pm Event Ends: Their is not at official ending time, attendees can leave whenever they feel ready. We investigate until the last person is ready to quit, and it usually wraps up around 3:30am. The first thing that will happen on the night of the Public Investigation, you will be given a private history/ghost tour of the hotel by the owners, Jim and Erin Ghedi. They will inform you of the building’s incredible history from its beginnings as a 2 room log cabin in 1840 through the early days as an 1880’s hotel and stagecoach stop for Seguin. You will be guided to all the “Hot Spots” throughout the building and introduced to the known 15 spirits who still reside at the hotel. You will then be handed off to Billy & Mark, and we will give you step by step instructions on how a paranormal investigation is conducted. Everyone will have an opportunity to use our paranormal equipment hands-on for this investigation. Billy & Mark will be available to answer any questions and we will explain our investigation techniques as the night unfolds. Attendees will be split into small groups and each will be given a chance to investigate the entire hotel and underground shelter throughout the night. We will also have a DVR Command Center outside for anyone that wants to monitor the cameras. Bringing and using your own paranormal gear is definitely allowed! We hope to see you there!! Also, be sure to check out the for more information and other events! In past public paranormal investigations, we have captured pretty compelling evidence. Here are two examples:  

Austin Archives Bazaar

If you’re in Austin this Sunday (October 28th), we will be giving a talk at the Austin Archive Bazaar! Join us at this free event to learn more about how archival footage and imagery plays a big part in Strange Town. The event is from 2pm – 6pm, and Billy and Mark will go on stage at 5pm. Find out more about all the things happening at their website!

‘Tis the season for spooky activity

Lots of paranormal investigating is happening in Texas, so we are thrilled to be included in the Austin Chronicle as one of the four places to get your paranormal fix this Halloween season! Thanks Austin Chronicle for the great write-up, and thanks to KLRU-TV, Austin PBS for the years of support!

STRANGE TOWN embarks on Season 3

Hello Paranormal Enthusiasts – We have always had an amazing time taking our viewers on a unique investigative journey throughout Texas’ historical past with stories containing a twist of the unknown. However, producing an independent TV show and bringing our viewers new content to PBS is not cheap! At the end of this month we are hitting the road to film the first episode of our new third season!! We are so close to getting the funding we need to make this trip complete. All we need is a few more dollars to keep making the paranormal videos that you love.  You can help us by contributing to our Patreon page, all it takes $1 a month and you get “Behind The Scenes” pictures, videos, and insight into each episode we are producing. Or you can make one-time donation using our DONATION page. If you are interested in being a sponsor or underwriter, please visit our SPONSORSHIP page. Your generous donation will help in a HUGE way and help us preserve Texas’ richly haunted history. We appreciate your support and Happy Haunting, Billy Driver & Mark Morrow Producers/Lead Investigators Youtube – Twitter – Facebook – Instagram

“Mysteries of the Magnolia Hotel” Book Launch

We have been visiting the haunted Magnolia Hotel since 2014, and fortunate enough to be one of the lucky few Paranormal Investigation groups to be able to conduct investigations within the hotel. The hotel is not only full of rich Texas history, but within the walls of this 170 building it’s full of spirits that still have messages wanting to be heard. Having spent countless hours over the years within the hotel, we are thrilled that the stories of this building are being shared for all to experience in author Erin O. Wallace’s new book, “Mysteries of The Magnolia Hotel”. This new book is being release September 1st, 2018 at the Magnolia Hotel. We will be in attendance to celebrate this event, so be sure to stop by to say hello to us and maybe buy a Strange Town shirt or two while you’re there! Here is a link to the Facebook Page for the Event: The long awaited book “Mysteries of the Magnolia Hotel” by published author and co-owner of the Magnolia Hotel, Erin O Wallace (Ghedi) will be released September 1, 2018. For nearly a year now, Wallace has been holding on to an incredible secret wanting to share with the world. After receiving an amazing message from a spirit, Wallace was led to clues revealing a deep, dark secret kept for over a century. This new information will not only shake up history as we know it but will convince even the most die-hard skeptics that it is indeed possible to communicate with the dead. Come visit the Magnolia Hotel to purchase your “first edition” copy of the book and have them signed by the author, Erin O Wallace. Also meet co-owner of the Magnolia Hotel husband, Jim Ghedi along with other special guests invited to help celebrate the unveiling of a young female spirit’s quest for truth!! Doors open from 10:00am – 4:00pm.