Strange Town uses various equipment to investigate claims of paranormal activity during an investigation. We are always adding new equipment and experimenting with new methods that help us best gather the evidence we are looking for. Below is an example of the most recent equipment we use.

Investigation Gear:

- Canon XA-10 -
A prosumer HD night-vision video camera that we use to record our show and the investigations. It allows us to record in Night-Vision, which gives our investigation segments that 'green' look. Recording in Night-Vision not only lets us see in the dark but is recording a wavelength of light that our naked eye can't see, a spectrum that ghosts are thought to appear in.
- SB7 Spirit box -
Audio-only device that rapidly and continually scans through multiple radio frequencies. It emits white-noise which theory suggests allows spirits to speak through, allowing for real-time communication. (~$75)
SB11 Spirit Box -
Same use as the SB7 but has the ability scan both AM & FM frequencies at the same time, and at a faster scan rate. Potentially allowing for better communication. The SB11 also has a temperature gauge to detect temperature fluctuations. (~$125)
- Digital Voice Recorder -
One of the most valuable tools an investigator can have. Digital Recorders allow for over 100-hours of recording time. We recommend purchasing one that has a USB connection or removable memory card for easy access to the recorded files. Audio recorders can capture voices and noises that are not audible to the human hear, but can be heard when listening back to the recorded audio. (~$20 - $90)
- Coby HD CAM5005 -
A camcorder modified to record in Full Spectrum. This includes infrared, ultraviolet, and visible light.
- Full Spectrum light -
Emits a more powerful infrared and ultraviolet light to help increase visibility in full-spectrum cameras.
- Go Pro Hero 3 - Silver & Black Editions
A compact and easy to use camera. Can be mounted just about anywhere and has a long record to be left alone to gather video and audio evidence.
- Ovilus III -
Has the ability to convert communicating spirits into real words. The Ovilus contains a database of several thousand words. Using electromagnetic forces, spirits are able to change or manipulate temperature and or the environment allowing the Ovilus to function and convert these readings into real words. (No longer in production - Newest version is Ovilus 5)
- Mel Meter 8704-R -
Measures EMF (Electromagnetic Fields) i the air, which spirits are thought to be composed of. Can also measure Cold Spots/Temperature change simultaneously with a digital readout. Very useful tool. (~$95)
- Polaroid IR Night-Light LED -
External infrared light modified with a longer lasting battery. Mounts to camera and increases IR visibility
- Zmodo 4CH 720p DVR Night Vision Camera System -
Allows us to always be recording in areas that we are not currently investigating in. Cameras can also detect and mark movement for easier evidence review.
- Mini Twist Flashlights -
Used to navigate in the dark, but primarily used for yes/no communication with the unknown. The flashlight method of communication is where you twist the lense of the flashlight to where it just turns, so if you barely touch it then the light will turn on. We like Maglite Brand.
Mini Twist Maglights
- Wireless IR Infrared Motion Sensor Detector Alarm -
Can be left alone in a room while we are investigating elsewhere, and when motion is detected will emit an audible alarm.
- REM Pod -
Uses a mini telescopic antenna to radiate its own independent magnetic field around the instrument. An encroachment of this field causes the device to emit a high pitched noise and activate its colored lights. Can alert you to when an entity enters the room. Can also be used with yes/no question, getting the spirit to turn on the lights once for 'yes' and twice for 'no'. (~$160)
- Motorola SX600R - 2-Way Radios -
Helps us stay in communication when we are different locations
- Laser Grid -
This high powered laser emits a grid of green dots useful for detecting shadows or general visual disturbances during an investigation
- FLIR One - Thermal Camera -
This camera attachment for a smart phone shows the temperature of objects. A great tool for showing the unseen world of thermal radiation, which ghost are thought to appear in.
- ST-13 - A new device built by Strange Town, still in the testing phase. This device is based off of Huff Paranormal's PORTAL device. It is essentially a spirit box that filters out the white noise, to help hear any spirit voices coming through. The speaker also has a bit of reverb applied to help the voice sustain a bit.


Production Gear:

- Canon XA-10 -
- AudioTechnic Shotgun Mic -
- Canon 60D -
- Rode NTG-2 Shotgun Mic -
- Go Pro Hero 3 - Silver & Black Editions
- DJI Inspire Quadcpter-
- Slider Dolly Track - Slider