Bridge to the Other Side

Moore’s Crossing – Richard Moya Park
Austin, TX

The Moore’s Crossing bridge in Austin, TX was first erected over the Colorado River in 1884, and it still remains standing today as a pedestrian only bridge. The legend goes that a white man was hung by a mob from one of the cross beams because of an interracial affair. It is said that at Midnight you can see the man hanging from the highest crossbeam, with the woman he loved watching from below.

Join us as we get a first hand look at the strangeness that hangs-around this historical bridge.


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UPDATE: Four years after first visiting the bridge and filming this episode, we returned to do our new Undead Live series. You can watch that video and see the new evidence we captured by visiting the episode page here.

– Reports of man seen hanging from the crossbeam in the middle of the bridge
– The hanged man’s lover seen at bottom of bridge looking up at the body
– Noises of footsteps / horses / cars crossing the bridge

Investigation Notes:
Flash of light – Just before midnight a very bright light flashed at the Southern end of the bridge, the opposite end from where we were. Unfortunately none of our media captured this unknown phenomenon.

Tennis Ball – We had brought some objects for the entities to try and interact with during our investigation, one of these items being two tennis balls. At the beginning of the night we brought all of our gear to the middle of bridge and began unpacking the equipment. We wanted to save the tennis balls for later so we put them in the bottom of the equipment bag along with the rest of the gear we weren’t using at the moment. We walked to the South end of the bridge to do our first round of investigating. We wrapped up what we doing on the South end and began walking North, back to our gear located in the middle of the bridge, but while walking back we suddenly stumbled across our tennis ball laying half way between where we were investigating and the pile of gear where we left it. How did it get there? And how did it get out of the equipment bag?
We tried later in the night to make the ball move again, but it never did.


  • -EVPs: “…yes”
  • -Residual Noises: “…disembodied whisper”, “…unexplained footsteps”,
  • -Orbs: Photographed two orb’s where the man was supposedly hung


Bonus Material

Outtakes and Bloopers – Laugh at us as we make mistakes and be goofy:


Debunk’d – See what evidence we thought we captured, but were later able to debunk:


Pictures of the orbs captured at the end of the investigation-


Orb 1 (original)


Orb 1 (Cropped and Slightly Brightened)


Orb 2 (Original)


Orb 2 (Cropped and Slightly Brightened)

Moore's Crossing Historical Memorial

Moore’s Crossing Historical Memorial