Texas-Stamp_center-whiteSlice of the past

Austin Pizza Garden
Austin, TX


Hiding within a building of over 130 years of history, lie multiple entities that often make themselves known to the employees that work there. We visited “Austin Pizza Garden” on Halloween night to see if we could witness first hand the many unexplained occurrences that take place on this historic property. Floating orbs, black mists, and heavy footsteps (just to name a few) are all commonly witnessed throughout the building.



– Woman in white dress seen in (old) upstairs dining area
– Black mist seen going up the stairs into the upstairs dining area
– Front door locking itself
– Heavy footsteps (boots) heard walking in the upstairs area
– Manager tapped on the shoulder in the kitchen
– A paranormal investigator got scratched upstairs

-Investigation conducted on Halloween night.
-Upon arrival at the building around 11pm we began bringing all of our gear inside. At one point Billy was all alone inside downstairs, and while sorting out the gear he heard very loud footsteps in the dining room on the floor above him. He quickly looked upstairs and nobody was there. This experience fits one of the many claims happening at this location.
-When unpacking a bag of toys that were going to be used as a means of provoking a child spirit, Billy pulled a doll out of the bag and immediately felt something tug on his pant leg, as to get his attention.


  • -EVPs: “..what’ts that?”, “… I’m OK”,
  • Residual Energy: A bang that sounded like a door closing, other bangs, billiard balls in a room that was once a saloon
  • -Spirit Box Voices: “Rosa ___ Patton”
  • -Flashlight Responses: “Does the name Rosa Patton sound familiar?”
  • -Anomalies: Orb following Billy into another room, Orb appears then disappears into a door, Orb flys around a corner then disappears, Multiple orbs in kitchen

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Producers | Billy Driver, Mark Morrow
Camera Operators | Billy Driver, Mark Morrow
Editor | Billy Driver
Research | Billy Driver, Mark Morrow
Writers | Billy Driver, Mark Morrow
Produced By | Radio Star Video

Thanks | The Managers and Staff at Austin Pizza Garden