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Private Residence
Manor, TX

This investigation takes place in Manor, TX at a private residence that houses a power not of this world. We take a trip to this small town just minutes down the highway from Austin to help a family find answers to what forces are living alongside them in their home. These unknown energies are saying visitors names, playing a historic piano, moving objects around the house, and most unsettling of all leaving scratches on the bodies of the residents. Many visitors to the home have also stated seeing the spirit of a teenage girl wearing a Victorian style nightgown.

But what we found on our visit, is not at all what we expected..


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Thanks to Ed Carter for his help during this episode

– An upright piano that will play itself. Sometimes random light keystrokes, but mostly the ‘A’ key being tapped consecutively
– Female voice heard in kitchen
– Young girl in 1900’s style Victorian dress seen in multiple areas upstairs, but most commonly in the Guest Room sitting on the edge of the bed and in the bathroom doorway
– A feeling of being possessed felt by Bailey in the Guest Room while laying in bed
– Scratches have appeared on Bailey after sleeping in the Guest Room
– Loud banging coming from Garage
– Dogs barking at nothing / Not wanting to enter rooms

-At the beginning of the night while setting up the equipment, Billy was upstairs making adjustments to a DVR camera, while Mark was downstairs in the kitchen unpacking equipment. Mark heard a faint voice talking to him, thinking it was Billy asking a question from upstairs Mark yelled for Billy to repeat what he just said. Billy replied that he hadn’t said anything.
– An Ouija board has been used in Cooper’s Room.

  • -EVPs: “…undecipherable EVP”,
  • -Spirit Box Voices: “..13”, “…Murder’em”, “…Cooper”, “…hello”(female), “…hello”(male), “…hello Cooper”(different female), “…suicide”, “…Annie”, “…Here she comes” (followed by the family dog barking downstairs), “…Ouija Board”, “…He’s right”
  • -Instrumentation: REM Pod alarms after Mark is scratched
  • -Physical Contact: Mark is scratched when provoking in Guest Room
  • -Orbs: Flies into Mark’s head, Flies into Spirit Box and it glitches, multiple flashing orbs around Guest Room door

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Producers | Billy Driver, Mark Morrow
Camera Operators | Billy Driver, Mark Morrow
Editor | Billy Driver
Research | Billy Driver, Mark Morrow
Writers | Billy Driver, Mark Morrow
Produced By | Radio Star Video

Thanks | Ed Carter at SoulSight.net