Ep.6 – The Living Inn

We visited the oldest neighborhood in Austin, Judges Hill, just blocks from the University of Texas. Where we were the first paranormal team granted access to investigate The Inn at Pearl Street, which was a once abandoned building now turned modern day bed and breakfast, and a home that used to belong to a well respected judge in the early 1900’s. Guests and staff have reported mysts, shadows, apparitions, and other unexplained poltergeist activity. Throughout the building, music and disembodied footsteps are also heard – when no ones around. What energies inhabit this building? Is it the Judge and his family still inhabiting their former home? Find out, as we investigate the Inn at Pearl Street. Be sure and visit the episode page to find out more information about this episode and location.   If you want to receive up-to-date information, you can do so by following us on Facebook , Twitter, or subscribe to our Youtube channel to be be informed of new releases