About Us

Strange Town is web series and television show distributed across central Texas through KLRU-TV and nationally thru PBS digital platforms. The shows creators, Billy Driver and Mark Morrow take you on an historical journey filled with mysterious claims of the paranormal throughout Texas. Since its inception in 2013, this paranormal duo rocketed to national exposure in a short period of time. Making appearances on Destination America’s “Ghost Brothers” and Travel Channel’s “Ghost Adventures” along with national podcasts and webzines like Coast to Coast AM and Disclose.tv gave this duo the credibility of its genre. Strange Town also has been featured in local publications such as the Austin American-Statesman and Austin Monthly magazine to name a few. With over 250K youtube views and a growing fan base demanding Season 3 (currently in development), we are excited to uncover new tales filled with mystery and the unexplained with our viewers through KLRU-TV and PBS.

*Episodes of Strange Town are available for broadcast. If you would like to play Strange Town on you station please contact us!


“Ever since I could remember, I’ve been experiencing the unknown. Growing up in a haunted house lead to curiosity and questions into adulthood. What did I see? What did I experience? Why am I witnessing something that shouldn’t be there? Is there life after death? There are so many questions that led to the creation of Strange Town. With technological advances that have the ability to see, hear and communicate with a universe that not even science nor religion can explain, we now have the ability to explore a previously misunderstood world. I hope you join me on this journey. With that said, sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride, on Strange Town.”

– Billy Driver



“I remember being in the library in elementary school and stumbling across a book called “Ripley’s: Believe It or Not..”, and it seemed to be as large as myself, about 30 years older, and weighed enough to crush a child not smaller than me. I flipped through the tattered pages, looked at all the bizarre pictures, used my new skill of literacy to decode the stories, and  somewhere between the “alligator man” and the “magnetic family” was when even my tiny kid brain realized “This is a strange world..”

This realization eventually lead to the fascination of all things paranormal; Bigfoot, UFO’s, Moth Man… the usual list of unsolved mysteries. However, it was when I had my first real-life encounter of the ghostly kind at the age of 15 that I became really curious and fascinated in the spirit world. The thought that a “ghost” (unlike a Bigfoot) could be in my bedroom at night really narrowed my focus and attention.
These things that I can’t always see, and that could be anywhere and seemingly everywhere, have raised many questions in my life. Why are these energies here…. and what are they? Do they come and go as they want? Where in time and space are they?
To this day I am still thinking to myself “This is a strange world..” and I have come to accept that any place, building, or town is strange if you look hard enough.”

– Mark Morrow




Mark Morrow & Billy Driver on location during Season 2 filming of “Ward Home” Episode
Image By: Beverly Barrett