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    -SEASON 2- (Finale)
    Watch Episode 12 - Old Yoakum Hospital

Strange Town - A Paranormal Series based in Austin, TX

Now Entering STRANGE TOWN…

Strange Town consists of paranormal enthusiasts Billy Driver and Mark Morrow who investigate haunts in and around the Austin, Texas area. While documenting their adventures, they approach each investigation as skeptics and try to find rational explanations on the strange occurrences they encounter. Even though they have stumbled upon situations that are unexplainable, they are not here to convince you that “ghosts” exist, but rather take you on a voyage through the history and unsettled stories that are left behind.

Do spirits exist with the living? If so, are these lingering energies willing to communicate from beyond? With their cameras and investigative tools in hand, they’ve set out to explore the paranormal world and take you on a journey, to Strange Town.


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What started as a hobby in 2013 of filming 5-minute long webisodes has evolved over the  years into a full fledged TV show. In 2014, Strange Town was picked up by KLRU-TV (the Austin, TX PBS affiliate) and their episodes are broadcast in Central Texas and nationally available thru the PBS website and PBS app. Strange Town has also been featured on Travel Channels “Ghost Adventures” and Destination America’s “Ghost Brothers”. They have also been interviewed on podcasts and featured in many local publications, such as the Austin American-Statesman and Austin Monthly magazine to name a few.

*Episodes of Strange Town are available for broadcast. If you would like to play Strange Town on you station please contact us!