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Private Residence
Round Rock, TX

For our debut episode, we are contacted by FJ & Phyllis who claim to be experiencing ghostly happenings around different parts of their home. Join us as we take a trip to Round Rock, TX just North of the Austin city limits, where we investigate the strange stories of closet doors closing on their own, a TV that turns itself on at night, and an antique clock that chimes on its own without power.

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– TV turning itself on in bedroom in guest room (nicknamed “Bill’s Room, where previous homeowner died)
– An antique clock chiming on its own, and the clock isn’t even plugged into electricity
– A pencil flew off the coffee table at FJ who was on the sofa
– Closet door closing in Master Bedroom

Investigation Notes:
The Closet Door – Since we didn’t want to stay in the Master Bedroom the entire night, and because we did not have an extra camera to leave in there all night, we setup an audio alarm (pic below) that would sound when the door moved. The alarm was an iPhone app that triggers an audible alarm when movement is detected. In this case we leaned the phone against the door so that if it began to move the slightest in any direction the alarm would go off and we would be able to hear it anywhere in the house. The door never moved.
The TV in Bill’s Room – After conducting an investigation in “Bill’s” bedroom we setup a camera aimed at the TV for when we weren’t in the room. We let the camera record through the entire night and into the next morning. The TV never came on, and the TV remote never triggered.
Questioning – We asked a large and varied amount of questions through the night, specific questions relating to Bill and particular moments in his life. We also asked questions based on past experiences FJ has had, and also questions relating to past family members and events. Regardless of how many questions we asked, in the end, all of the results were in response to the clock and Phyllis’s family past.


  • -EVPs: “..yeah”, “…Clark” (also triggers flashlight to turn on)
  • -Flashlight Respsonses: “Are you the one that closes the door in here?” (Master Bedroom), “Are you also the one turning on the TV in the other bedroom?”, “Do we scare you?” (upstairs den), “Do you have some kind of connection with that clock?”, “William Clark?”


Bonus Material

Bloopers – Watch us make mistakes and be goofy:


Debunk’d – See what evidence we thought we captured, but were later able to debunk:


The Grandfather Clock

William Clark’s Grandfather Clock


Motion detector placed next to Bedroom closet door