Texas-Stamp_center-whiteThe Lovelorn Lady

Hotel Galvez & Spa
2024 Seawall Blvd.
Galveston Island, TX

We set out on the road and drive east across Texas until we hit the coast, where we arrive at Galveston Island. This popular vacation spot is home to the grand and historical Hotel Galvez & Spa, where we were invited and granted the rare opportunity to conduct a full on investigation of the premises. What kind of spirits wander the hotel? To answer that question we must first travel back in time..

The island of Galveston has experienced many tragedies throughout history and was once referred to as the “Island of Doom”… Before Galveston Island was official known as such, it was inhabited by the Karankawa, a group of cannibalistic natives that ate its enemy to gain their strengths. The Karankawa were all but wiped out of existence when the French pirate Jean Lafitte came ashore and battled the Karankawa for their land. In the 1850’s the citizens of Galveston were struck by a yellow fever, killing 7,000. Then in 1900 the city was devastated by the worst hurricane in America’s history, when 150mph winds and floods killed over 6,000 people and practically flattened everything on the island. Then there is the tragic story of a soon to be bride that checks into the hotel, but never checks out….

How do all of these tragic events tie together? Find out on this episode when we investigate the Hotel Galvez.


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Thanks to the following for their help during the making of this episode:
The Mitchell Family Corporation
The Staff at The Galvez Hotel & Spa

– The ghost of Audra (aka “The Lovelorn Lady”) is seen primarily in room 501, but there are reports of her throughout the entire fifth floor. Audra was engaged to a mariner who frequently sailed out of the port of Galveston, and she would stay in room 501 while he was away. Word came that his ship sank on his most recent voyage. Audra was heartbroken and fell into a depression, which ultimately lead to suicide when she hung herself in the hotel’s turret.
– Ghosts of victims from the 1900 hurricane that swept across the island, killing over 6,000 people and destroying almost everything in site.
– The ghost of Sister Katherine and the 90 children that perished when the hurricane destroyed St. Mary’s Orphanage, which previously stood where the Hotel Galvez is located today.
– A woman crying in stall #3 in the woman’s bathroom next to the Spa. Thought to be Audra mourning the loss of her fiance, moments before she killed herself.
– The music hall has had glasses fly off of tables, and people have witnessed groups of women in Victorian style dresses wandering the room; like they are attending a social gathering.
– It is said that Bernardo de Galvez (for whom the hotel is named after) haunts the Hotel Galvez himself in the form of a portrait painting. Some say that they can feel the eyes on the painting watching them as they walk by and a strange sense of being chilled overtakes you as you approach the painting.


  • -EVPs: “…yeah”,
  • -Spirit Box Voices: “..no longer”, “..sail boat”, “I’m back here (female)”
  • -Noises: Door rattling in Music Hall
  • -Instrumentation: REM Pod alarms briefly in woman’s bathroom
  • -Physical Contact: Mark is pinched on the neck in the woman’s bathroom while in stall #3
  • -Orbs: In room 501 appears then pulsates before shooting away, Flies into spirit box, Flies above Mark’s head

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One piece of equipment that we sometimes put into use is a trail cam. Trail cameras are essentially motion activated night vision cameras, they are often used by hunters see what kind of creatures pass by through a particular area. But we use it in the hopes of finding evidence of ghost.

In this particular case at the Hotel Galvez, we were going to set it up in room 501 in hopes of catching a picture of Audra. Well, when we turned the trail camera on it wasn’t acting normal (we’ve never had trouble with it before), so instead of trying to figure out the problem it got tossed onto a stack of our gear and left there with no intention of using it this particular night. Little did we realize was that it was in fact working, running all night long, and managed to captured a very odd picture in the process…

-The first picture is of Mark setting the trail cam down onto a pile of our gear around midnight. The camera is looking up at the ceiling.
-Around 2:30am the camera took the second picture of what looks like a black mist flying along the ceiling. And just to note, at 2:30am we were downstairs in the ballroom.

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Thanks | Sarah Mitchell, The Mitchell Foundation, Christine Hopkins, and the Guest & Staff at Hotel Galvez

Music | “Wasn’t That a Mighty Storm” by Sin-Killer Griffin