25 Unmarked Burial Sites Recently Discovered….

Earlier this year, 25 unknown burial sites were found underneath Oakwood Cemetery’s Chapel during renovation. Some have been exhumed, but some still remain. Join Mark and Billy at 7p CT as they go live from Oakwood Cemetery with a few of their tools in hand. More Info about what is happening at Oakwood Cemetery: Report By KUT 90.5 Article from the Austin-American Statesman You can always stay up-to-date of upcoming episodes and live events by following us on Facebook, Twitter, or subscribing to this website via email on the right—> A few pictures from while we were investigating at the Oakwood Cemetery:

Flashback Friday

From the archive… Mark and Billy’s first investigation together in March of 2013, this was a test run for what would later become “Strange Town”. We captured this orb and at the time thought it was the coolest thing ever. We had no idea what incredible and unexplainable things we would run into over the years of investigating. #FlashbackFriday #FeelsLikeForeverAgo

‘Strange Town’ highlights haunted spots in Austin, elsewhere

‘Strange Town’ highlights haunted spots in Austin, elsewhere “Austin is, of course, more than a little weird, but it’s not the only “Strange Town” in Texas. That’s what local paranormal investigators Billy Driver and Mark Morrow have learned as they’ve crisscrossed the state in search of ghosts in recent years. In fact, they uncovered so much unusual activity that they created their own TV show.” – Gary Dinges Read the complete Austin 360 article here.a

Austin is Weird. But is it Haunted?…..

“Austin is Weird. But is it Haunted? An Austin Paranormal TV Show Aims To Find Out” An interview that we had with D0512 about the paranormal, and our upcoming KLRU-Q Season 2 Marathon. “Financial analyst, engineer, doctor, lawyer, marketing consultant. There are a lot of “normal” careers out there. Ghost-hunting, however, isn’t one of them. But that’s exactly how two local men – Billy Driver and Mark Morrow – make their living. As part of their television show Strange Town, which airs Austin’s PBS station KLRU-Q, (home to famed Austin City Limits), Billy and Mark seek out supernatural occurrences and document them. “  Full Article

Ep.11 – Hay Legal Group (Pierre Bremond Home)

On the corner of 7th and Guadalupe in downtown Austin, TX, their are a group of homes known as the “Bremond Block”. These Victorian houses were built by the Bremond family in the late nineteenth century. Supposedly, a few spirits of the Bremond’s never left… Today the building is occupied by a local law firm, and its employees are experiencing unknown phenomenon on a daily basis. We are the first group to ever investigate the building, and we capture some of our most validating and compelling evidence ever! The information we unravel during our investigation is unsettling. Be sure and visit the episode page to find out more information about this episode and location. If you want to receive up-to-date information, you can do so by following us on Facebook , Twitter, or subscribe to our Youtube channel to be be informed of new releases

Got Ghosts?

GOT GHOSTS? “The hosts of Strange Town give us the lowdown on the city’s otherworldly side. Although Halloween is celebrated once a year, that doesn’t mean it’s the only time when the dearly departed come out to play. For Austin’s paranormal investigators Mark Morrow and Billy Driver, seeking out the supernatural is a daily event, and their expertise landed them a series on PBS in 2014.” The October edition of Austin Monthly magazine features an 8-page spread about the ghosts and haunts in Austin, TX. Strange Town is the feature of this section, and provide a Q&A session with the author. You can pick up a copy of the magazine all month long in stores in Austin, TX. Or read the digital version here.