“Mysteries of the Magnolia Hotel” Book Launch

We have been visiting the haunted Magnolia Hotel since 2014, and fortunate enough to be one of the lucky few Paranormal Investigation groups to be able to conduct investigations within the hotel. The hotel is not only full of rich Texas history, but within the walls of this 170 building it’s full of spirits that still have messages wanting to be heard. Having spent countless hours over the years within the hotel, we are thrilled that the stories of this building are being shared for all to experience in author Erin O. Wallace’s new book, “Mysteries of The Magnolia Hotel”. This new book is being release September 1st, 2018 at the Magnolia Hotel. We will be in attendance to celebrate this event, so be sure to stop by to say hello to us and maybe buy a Strange Town shirt or two while you’re there!

Here is a link to the Facebook Page for the Event:

The long awaited book “Mysteries of the Magnolia Hotel” by published author and co-owner of the Magnolia Hotel, Erin O Wallace (Ghedi) will be released September 1, 2018. For nearly a year now, Wallace has been holding on to an incredible secret wanting to share with the world. After receiving an amazing message from a spirit, Wallace was led to clues revealing a deep, dark secret kept for over a century. This new information will not only shake up history as we know it but will convince even the most die-hard skeptics that it is indeed possible to communicate with the dead. Come visit the Magnolia Hotel to purchase your “first edition” copy of the book and have them signed by the author, Erin O Wallace. Also meet co-owner of the Magnolia Hotel husband, Jim Ghedi along with other special guests invited to help celebrate the unveiling of a young female spirit’s quest for truth!! Doors open from 10:00am – 4:00pm.