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Our new live series where we bring you the history and haunts of local places that are accessible to the public. After our live stream we conduct a brief investigation at the location and post our results for everyone to see.

-Location #4-
Riverside Cemetery
Seguin, TX
We were in Seguin to conduct a public paranormal investigation at the Magnolia Hotel, but beforehand we wanted to check out the reports at the Riverside Cemetery. We drove down Klein St. and entered the cemeteries main driveway entrance, before eventually parking in the Southern most park of the property. It was a dreary Fall afternoon, and the cemetery was devoid of anybody else.

The History:
– Today, we are in Seguin, TX on our way to the Haunted Magnolia Hotel to do one of our Public Investigations. But FIRST, we wanted to check out some of the reports happening just down at the street at the Riverside Cemetery, the very first cemetery city in this town. It dates back to the early 1800s.

– In late 1800’s additional land was deeded, which grew the cemetery to it’s current size of 15 acres. Among the more the 2000 burials are those of Pioneer Settlers, Veterans, Elected officials, business leaders, clergy, and former slaves. Riverside fell into disrepair over the years, but in 1994 underwent complete restoration through voluntary community efforts.

– Early in the history of Seguin, TX a wall was built around the city– making it the only walled city in Texas. The wall, built of locally-produced limecrete, was there not for protection from Indian attacks, but to keep wildlife & livestock from eating the lawns & gardens of the locals.

– Invented by John Park who experimented with using concrete to construct buildings before the American Civil War. The method called ‘limecrete’, utilized the natural limestone found locally. It was then pulverized and mixed with sand, portions of burned lime, and water to form a workable slurry. And in early 1847, applying his techniques., he constructed a one store hotel made from Limecrete. This building still stands today, and it is the Magnolia Hotel.

– What makes this relevant?? In the paranormal world limestone or limecrete are conduits for spirits, it can give them energy, keep them in. There are still remnants of it in this cemetery. Is this limestone wall keeping spirits contained within? Many believe this to be the cause of paranormal activity in this area..

The Haunts:

– There are many paranormal tales all over Seguin, but the Riverside Cemetery has the figure of a headless man is seen exiting the cemetery, and walking along Milam Street. It’s rumored that he was a Confederate soldier whose head was lost to a cannonball during battle, some say he wonders the streets looking for his head. The soldier was supposedly buried in this cemetery.

– More soldiers are also thought to haunt this piece of land.. Reconstruction Era Union soldiers used to camp around the cemetery. The spirits of these Union soldiers have been reportedly seen here many times hanging out by the cemetery and walking along the streets outside the cemetery. Were they killed nearby? Or were they buried here?

– Their is also another rumor in these parts of “La Lechusa”, or Owl Woman, in legend is described as an old witch who sold her soul to the devil in exchange of magical powers, and can turn into a large bird or owl with red eyes. She haunts the skies, swooping down and carrying away the people she fixates on. So we will also be on the lookout for any owls that seem a little too interested in us being here.

The Results:

When we were filming our Magnolia Hotel episode in 2014 we visited Riverside Cemetery to find what remained of the limecrete wall. We did not investigate during that visit, so it was fun to return and see what kind of haunts we could find…. After doing our live broadcast we walked the path leading towards Milam St. that the ‘Headless Walker’ is said to roam, we then walked through various parts of the cemetery waiting for a voice to come through the Spirit Box or Ovilus, hoping to guide us in a direction. We captured some pretty compelling evidence during our short visit. Watch our video below to see what we caught!!