Welcome to Undead Live!
Our new live series where we bring you the history and haunts of local places that are accessible to the public. After our live stream we conduct a brief investigation at the location and post our results for everyone to see.

-Location #3-
Shoal Creek / Seider Springs Historical Marker near 35th Street.
Austin, TX
We entered the trail at the entrance behind the Randal’s grocery store. Take the path to the right about 40 yards you will see the Seiders Memorial plaque. This is where we did our Facebook Live and began the investigation, before heading further North down the trail.

The History:
– Shoal Creek begins in North Austin, in the Anderson Lane Mopac area, The creek is fed by deep springs out of sand and gravel from the Colorado River and is now usually dry, and flows all the way draining into Town Lake, and has green belts and hiking trails running alongside most of it. This nondescript creek running through many popular neighborhoods is surprisingly rich in history, haunts….. and gold…

– A quote from the famous writer O. Henry : “It is a well known tradition in Austin and vicinity that there is buried treasure of great value buried on the banks of Shoal Creek, about a mile West of the city…” He wrote this in the 1890s when he and his friends were searching for the lost treasure along the banks of Shoal Creek, and after what he and his friends encountered that night they swore to never return… During the 1890’s buried treasure fever struck Austin inhabitants. Often lights were seen in the dead of night along Shoal Creek in Pease Park and great holes would be found the next morning. Legend had it that Spanish gold was buried here. Estimates of the value range from $80k to $3-million, in 19th century worth.

– During the Reconstruction Occupation of Austin following the Civil War, General Custer’s infantry camped along the bank of this Creek. Cholera swept through the camp, killing fifteen or sixteen of the troopers. They were buried in unmarked graves along the banks of Shoal Creek. However, In the 1890s most of the bodies along Shoal Creek were exhumed and reinterred elsewhere, but seven of men were forgotten until a flood exposed their graves some time prior to 1911, at which point they were transferred to Oakwood Cemetery in East Austin. The same 1915 flood even took the lives of many people who disappeared into the waters.

– There is also the story of Gideon White who moved his family right here on the rim of the creek. Unfortunately In 1842, while passing through a live oak grove, White met his end at the hands of a band of mounted Indians. He fought from behind these large live oaks. He killed at least one of his attackers before being killed himself. Today, on Shoal Creek Greenbelt near 34th Street there stands an historical commemorating Gideon White.

– This was also the site of numerous Indian massacres where the victims were buried. No one is certain how many of the victims were buried at the site. Over the years their have been numerous confirmed Indian burial sites along the creek.

The Haunts:

– One of the reported ghosts is the gray shadowy form of the Travis County Treasurer who in 1896 embezzled $4,500 to search for the Lost Treasure on his own. When the state prepared to audit the treasury accounts they discovered what he had done, and the man committed suicide. He is still thought to be searching Shoal Creek for the gold they would redeem his reputation.

– At least one ghost in particular dates to the 1915 flood. Firefighter Thomas Edward Quinn lost his life at Shoal Creek while attempting to rescue people from the fast rising waters. His Spirit returns on rainy nights and you may protect people from Shoal Creek frequent floods

– In more recent years people have reported the ghost of a speed walker on the stretch of trail between 24th Street and 34th Street. She normally appears at about 2 a.m. in the morning and wears a white cap, white sweater, white leggings, and pink running shorts. According to the story she worked late at night which is why she was out walking so late. One night she was struck by a car and killed and since then she haunts the route that she used to walk and has been seen by many people

– Their also remains the possibilities of finding the spirits of those that died in battle, flood victims, General Custer’s men that died of Cholera, and the spirit of Gideon White.

The Results:

We have been to this area once previously just for fun to investigate and see what we could come across. During out previous trip here we captured a few Male EVP’s and Billy heard a Female’s voice while down in the creek. After doing our live broadcast we walked the banks of the creek conducted investigations at various spots along the way. Our investigation yielded some interesting paranormal evidence. We walked the banks of the creek, stopping to do several investigations along the way. Based upon what we have captured, their appears to be unsettled energy lurking within this creek. Have a listen and let us know what you think.