Welcome to Undead Live!
Our new live series where we bring you the history and haunts of local places that are accessible to the public. After our live stream we conduct a brief investigation at the location and post our results for everyone to see.

-Location #2-
Convict Hill Quarry Park
Oak Hill, TX

The History:
– The park is located on Convict Hill Rd, Near William Cannon Dr. and Hwy 290.

– Today we are at the Convict Hill Quarry in Oak Hill Texas. But the history of this place begins about 6 miles away at the State Capital. In 1881 the original capital building burned completely to the ground, and leaders set about building a new and better one. They wanted to use local materials, including limestone from a quarry in the nearby town of Oatmanville – the area now known as Oak Hill – so they built a 6-mile railroad line from Oatmanville to the Capitol site.

– To keep the project as cheap as possible, they decided to use convict labor to do the work.
Rather than pay the going rate of 17 cents an hour, the state could lease prisoners out to contractors and pay them nothing. Most of these convicts were black. Restrictions such as vagrancy laws, which effectively criminalized loitering and unemployment, ensured that recently freed people were often jailed – and forced to work in the quarry.

– Convicts who were forced to labor for the new Capitol faced horrendous conditions – sweltering heat, little food and no medical care. Convicts subsisted on “a diet of cornbread and salt pork and coffee.” Legend has it that up to eight convicts died between 1882 and 1885, either because of these poor conditions or because they were shot during escape attempts. They were supposedly buried on the hill.

– Unfortunately after all of this the limestone quarried from convict hill was unsuitable for the exterior of the building, stone from the quarry was used for the foundation and basement walls, cross walls, and backing for the exterior walls as well as elsewhere in the structure. The red granite exterior you see today is from Burnet County.

– Before the end of 1884 nearly 280,000 cubic feet of limestone had been delivered from the Oatmanville quarry. The rail line was abandoned and the rails removed in 1888.
Fun Fact:
The Texas State capital building, because it is crowned with the Goddess of Liberty, reaches taller than the US Capital building in Washington, DC.

The Haunts:
– From our research, we could not actually find any documented cases of paranormal occurrences within the park. Does this mean the park is not haunted? Or maybe nobody has tried investigating here? We don’t know, this did not discourage us though and we may now be the first people to have captured intriguing evidence while at the park.

The Results:

Upon arriving at the park we used our Mel Meters to read the EMF energy in the air, and found that the South end of the park had really high readings that fluctuated from 0.0mG to 4.6mG. After doing our live broadcast we conducted investigations around various areas of the park and captured various Spirit Box and EVP recordings (which can be heard in the video below). Lots of pictures were taken, and one tree in particular consistently had orbs around it. We had some first hand experiences including stones being thrown at us and voices approaching the trail only to find no one there.