Welcome to Undead Live!
Our new live series where we bring you the history and haunts of local places that are accessible to the public. After our live stream we conduct a brief investigation at the location and post our results for everyone to see.

-Location #1-
Haunted Moore’s Crossing Bridge at Richard Moya Park
Austin, TX

The History:
– The bridge is located on Burleson Road running down the south side of the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport and crosses over Richard Moya Park in eastern Travis County. The park is open sunrise to sunset, and has lots of parking.

– The area received its current name Moore’s Crossing, in the early 1900s, when John B. Moore built a store in the area. In 1884 the bridge spanned the Colorado River in Austin after being designed by the King Iron Bridge and Manufacturing Company of Cleveland, Ohio at a cost of $45,000.00. The bridge operated as a toll bridge from January 1884 until June 18, 1886 with a huge ceremony being officiated by both city and county personnel.

– In 1910 the iron bridge was dismantled and placed in storage for five years. In 1915 part of the original Congress Avenue Bridge was used to replace the low-water crossing on Onion Creek until it was washed away when Austin received 18.23 inches of rain in 24 hours on September 8-10, 1921. This storm event, known as “The Great Thrall/Taylor Storm”, which before Hurricane Harvey it held the record as the greatest of all continental U.S. rainstorms during 18 consecutive hours. Miraculously, only six fatalities were reported in Travis County, all on Onion Creek. The last three spans of the Congress Avenue Bridge were used to rebuild the bridge over Onion Creek in 1922.

The Haunts:
– The story goes, a white man was hung by a mob, from one of the cross beams because of a forbidden love affair with a black woman. Witnesses say after midnight you can see the man hanging from the crossbeam swaying in a slight breeze. Below a shadow of a female figure is seen looking up in the direction of the swinging body

– People seen walking across the bridge in period clothing, then quickly vanishing

– Old cars heard driving across the bridge, even though cars can’t drive on the bridge anymore

– Billy and Mark also have their own unique experience at the bridge, watch live stream to hear their stories!

The Results:

After doing our live broadcast we conducted a brief investigation and we came across several EMF spikes along the bridge (particularly on the South Entrance), this video contains some of the audio evidence we captured. Strange Town first visited the Moore’s Crossing bridge in the Summer of 2014 when we filmed our second ever episode “Bridge to the Other Side”. We had a great time visit the bridge again after having not been their in 4 years.