Ep.12 – Old Yoakum Hospital

Once a thriving hospital to the city of Yoakum, it now sits abandoned for the last two decades. Stories have surfaced of a mysterious blue nun and dark shadows appearing down hallways along with children spirits running within the walls of this building. Just wait until you see what energies Mark and Billy encounter… Be sure and visit the episode page to find out more information about this episode and location. If you want to receive up-to-date information, you can do so by following us on Facebook , Twitter, or subscribe to our Youtube channel to be be informed of new releases

New Episode Release! Season 2 Finale!

This weekend we release a BRAND NEW episode! To finish off Season 2 we investigated The Old Yoakum Hospital. This building has sat abandoned for over 20 years and has extensive reports of dark figures, a mysterious blue nun, and even children spirits roaming the dark halls. Wait until you see what energies Mark and Billy encountered! Our investigation of the Old Yoakum Hospital will go live on Youtube this Sunday (October 30th)  and Premiere on KLRU-Q in Central Texas at Midnight! This Season 2 Finale is the perfect way to kick-start your Halloween.  

Amazing Experiences in Yoakum, TX

Thanks everyone for participating in our live stream investigation last weekend! It is definitely something we will continue to do in the future. Our visit to the Old Yoakum Community Hospital was everything we could have wanted – Good interviews, interesting history, and a building filled with unsettled energy. All of this will be put together as a future episode that you can expect to watch this October!

Live from Old Yoakum Hospital

We spent the weekend at the Old Yoakum Community Hospital filming a new episode, and we wanted to try something new this time… We wanted to get our fans more involved in what we do and try to live stream throughout the process of filming and investigating. If you were unable to join us during the live streams, you can watch them below! We plan to keep doing these live events in the future, so hopefully if you missed out you can join us next time! Investigation Update: 4am DVR Feeds Prior to Investigation Yoakum Inside Building Tour Yoakum Aerial Shots and Building Intro