STRANGE SKIES! Spotted Over Seguin, TX

On the evening of February 24th, before beginning our Public Paranormal Investigation at the Magnolia Hotel in Seguin, TX, Billy noticed something it the sky… An object that could best be described as a hovering black amorphous blob. This object hovered in the exact same spot as we watched it for ~5 minutes. Maintaining the same altitude, latitude, and size. Then all the sudden it just started going North, then up at 90-degree angle – albeit very slowly. Right after Billy pointed it out, Mark was able to use his phone to record this short video. The video has not been modified in anyway except to be stabilized, or sped up or slowed down when noted. What your thoughts as to what this is?? *Watch in 4k Full Screen for best viewing*

New Evidence Captured at Magnolia Hotel – ‘Selfie Orb’

During our February 24th, 2018 Public Paranormal Investigation at the Haunted Magnolia Hotel one of the guest captured this spectacular image of a disembodied head in the mirror behind her! She had been taking several selfies in front of the mirror, and this was the only pic to have such a remarkable result. We watched the DVR camera afterwards, and discovered the orb the flying around her as the picture was taken! Our next Public Investigation at Magnolia Hotel will be in late May! Keep an eye out for tickets!

Unreleased Footage, and New Evidence – “THE CLEANSE”

In December 2013, we filmed an episode in Manor, TX which we entitled “Santa Claws”. This private residence had reported claims of a girl roaming the upstairs hallway, a woman’s unseen voice dictating in the kitchen and a piano that played itself along with other malicious claims. During our investigation, Mark had been physically attacked by something unknown to us. We knew at this point, the activity was in a different realm. One year later, the home became too much to handle. The family called us back after their son reported seeing a tall, black shadow figure with “glowing red eyes”. Seeking help, we invited local clairvoyant Ed Carter to revisit the property with us. He performed a cleansing to rid the home of the negative energy. Here is the unreleased footage of that cleansing, along with newly documented EVP’s that will send shivers down your spine. Happy Haunting.     The Original investigation from 2013 done at the home: Season 1 – “Santa Claws”

White Spiraling Vortex Captured on Camera!!

Never before seen by us or the owners of the Magnolia Hotel! A spinning white vortex forms twice in the middle of the ‘James Campbell Room’ while being preceded by a black mist entering the room. Captured while conducting a public investigation at the Magnolia Hotel during the early hours of August 5th, 2017. For more information, watch our episode about the Magnolia Hotel and this room.

Unreleased Evidence from Magnolia Hotel

In less than a month we will be doing another public investigation at one of the most haunted locations in Texas… The Magnolia Hotel is home to over 13 documented ghosts, whom consistently make their presence known. During our previous Public Investigation there last Summer, the group experienced some pretty remarkable moments throughout the night. One such thing captured was this unique Orb that touched a few people and lingered around the group for several minutes.