Ep.5 – The Lovelorn Lady

We hit the road heading east across Texas towards the Gulf of Mexico. We arrive at Galveston Island, a popular vacation spot that is home to the grand and historical Hotel Galvez & Spa. We were invited and granted the rare opportunity to conduct a full on investigation of the premises. What kind of spirits wander the hotel? Is there a lost soul searching for her lover? Is Bernardo de Galvez watching over the hotel from beyond the grave? Be sure and visit the episode page to find out more information, or just go ahead and watch episode 5 above. If you want to receive up-to-date information, you can do so by following us on Facebook , Twitter, or subscribe to our Youtube channel to be be informed of new releases Thanks to the following for their help during the making of this episode: The Mitchell Family Corporation The Guest & Staff at The Galvez Hotel & Spa