Texas-Stamp_center-whiteThe Clay Pit (Bertram Family Home)

Contemporary Indian Cuisine
1601 Guadalupe St.
Austin, TX

The year is 1854, 8 years after Austin officially became the capitol of Texas. Austin pioneer and merchant Rudolph Bertram had a limestone building constructed in what is now part of Downtown Austin. The building was used to house his general merchandising store and to provide his family a living quarters upstairs.  Today, its home to a popular contemporary Indian restaurant – The Clay Pit.

Bertram’s General Merchandising store served Austin and its rural surroundings. The store offered groceries, household supplies and furniture, farming tools, seed, and whiskey. It was also a rare trading post where the ousted Native Comanche’s bartered with the white man

It is speculated that in the double arched cellar of Bertram’s store, an underground tunnel once connected to the State Capitol Building to transport and store the states gold during its construction in the late 1800’s. And some sources make mention of a second tunnel. One that led to a nearby brothel where high-class males can be seen coming or going without being noticed. A prostitute now referred to as The Scarlet Lady is rumored to have been murdered in the tunnels. A tragedy that no one cared to solve.

In the 1880’s the Bertram family suffered a catastrophic loss, 4 of his 8 children died within a year of each other from an epidemic. While there are no factual records, our research indicates that most of the children probably died from diphtheria. And in the upstairs family room one of them was quarantined with Typhoid fever and died within only days. This little boy is said to still inhabit the upstairs part of the building.

Years after Rudolph’s death in 1892, building ownership went through several incarnations. It wasn’t until 1998 that it became the Clay Pit.  It is no secret that the restaurant is said to be haunted. What is not known, however, is by whom or by what? Is it that a member of the Bertram family never fully left? Is the cellar inside haunted by the soul of a murdered woman nicknamed the Scarlet Lady?

The Clay Pit Episode:


– Employees names being said by female voice
– Rocks and pebbles being throw

Dining Room-
– Male voice saying employees names/repeating sentences from earlier that day
– Items moving around on dining tables and bar

– Numerous shadow figures; Roughly the size of a small child.
– A female voice saying employees names
– A musky smell appearing and disappearing quickly. Described as over-ripe fruit.
– Peoples clothes being tugged on

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Images By: Beverly Barrett

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