Texas-Stamp_center-whiteHaunted Hill House

Mineral Wells, TX | 501 NE 1st St.


Season 3 opener takes Billy and Mark to the Haunted Hill House in Mineral Wells, TX. Originally built in 1892 by Fannie Yeager this home eventually served as the town brothel and speakeasy catering to the guests of the infamous Baker Hotel just a few blocks away. Unexplained deaths, murders and witchcraft surround this home. What kind of haunts reside in the Haunted Hill House?

The Haunted Hill House Episode:

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Producers | Billy Driver, Mark Morrow
Camera Operators | Billy Driver, Mark Morrow, Kalani Sevigny
Editor | Billy Driver
Research | Billy Driver, Mark Morrow
Writers | Billy Driver
Still Photography | Mark Morrow, Kalani Sevigny, Adrian Garza-Moss
Produced By | Radio Star Video

Patreon | Britni Buba, Casper, Mark Davis, Mario, Ray Jay Edwards, Holly Lucas, Irma Gonzalez, Jennifer Gooding, Nell King, Meg Rainwater

Thanks | Katherine & Sonny Estes, James Pylant, Carol Elder, Kara & Austin Davis, Kevin McCartan, Meg Rainwater, Sugar DeCuir, Dave Lauderman, JJ Weber, KLRU-TV, KONG Screenprinting, Famous Mineral Water Company, Red Lion Inn, and the kind folks of Mineral Wells, TX