Texas-Stamp_center-whiteHay Legal Group (Pierre Bremond Home)

Austin-based law firm
Austin, TX | 402 W 7th St

On the corner of 7th and Guadalupe in downtown Austin, TX, their are a group of homes known as the “Bremond block”. These Victorian houses were built by the Bremond family in the late nineteenth century. And Supposedly, a few spirits of the Bremond’s… never left.

For much of the nineteenth century, the Bremond family was a business dynasty to Austin, TX, and accounted for twenty percent of the city’s tax revenue. Sometime between 1866 and 1872, the Bremond’s began buying up portions of “Block 80,” the square block bordered by West Seventh, West Eighth, Guadalupe, and San Antonio streets.  The Bremonds were prominent merchants who later branched out into banking, railroads, and selling exotic sports cars.

Our investigation was focused on just one of the houses within the block, the former home of Pierre & Nina Bremond. Today the building is occupied by the Hay Legal Group, and its employees are experiencing unknown phenomenon on a daily basis. We are the first group to ever investigate the building, and we capture some of our most validating and compelling evidence ever! The information we unravel during our investigation is unsettling.

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Images By: Beverly Barrett

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Images By: Beverly Barrett



Producers | Billy Driver, Mark Morrow
Camera Operators | Billy Driver, Mark Morrow
Editor | Billy Driver
Research | Billy Driver, Mark Morrow
Writers | Billy Driver, Mark Morrow
Additional Camera & Still Photography | Beverly Barrett
History Consultant | Scott Hoffman
Produced By | Radio Star Video

Thanks | The Staff at the Hay Legal Group, and Maggie San Miguel

Music | “The Whistling Coon” by George Johnson