First Public Investigation of the Year a Success! – February 2018


Great group in attendance last night at our first Public Paranormal Investigation of the year at the Haunted Magnolia Hotel Seguin, Texas ! Thanks everyone for attending, and please feel free to share with us any of the evidence you captured! Tonight is night #2 of investigations, follow us on instagram for pics as the night unfolds!


What an exciting investigation we had last night at the Haunted Magnolia Hotel Seguin, Texas. Group #2 brought the house alive! Flashlight communication was established in the Raid Shelter, “Itzy” was chatty over the Spirit Box, Faust was fluctuating the MEL / K2 meters, and there was even an unknown face appear in a mirror selfie! Thanks everyone for coming out, we had a great time investigating with you. We hope the everyone shares their evidence by posting and tagging @StrangeTownShow and @HauntedMagnoliaHotel

And lastly, a huge thanks to the hotel owners Jim & Erin for allowing us to do these events, and of course to the hotel’s caretakers Dawn & Susie for their on-going support, enthusiasm, and for staying up very late into the night helping out both nights.


During our February 24th, 2018 Public Paranormal Investigation at the Haunted Magnolia Hotel Seguin, Texas, one of the guest captured this spectacular image of a disembodied head in the mirror behind her! She had been taking several selfies in front of the mirror, and this was the only pic to have such a remarkable result. We watched the DVR camera afterwards, and discovered the orb flying around her as the picture was taken!

Our next Public Investigation at Magnolia Hotel will be in late May! Keep an eye out for tickets!