Ep.8 – The Clay Pit

We are the first team to ever investigate The Clay Pit, and our experience there only made us want to go back for more…

In 1854, 8 years after Austin officially became the capitol of Texas, pioneer and merchant Rudolph Bertram had a limestone building constructed in what is now part of Downtown Austin. The building was used to house his general merchandising store and to provide his family a living quarters upstairs. Much tragedy has occurred within the walls of this building, many of which can still be sensed. Today, its home to a popular contemporary Indian restaurant – The Clay Pit

It is no secret that the restaurant is said to be haunted. What is not known, however, is by whom or by what? Is it that a member of the Bertram family never fully left? Is the cellar inside haunted by the soul of a murdered woman nicknamed the Scarlet Lady?

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